Complicating what is simple.

It is our favorite game, to complicate what is simple. We come across something simple and straightforward and we will have none of it, so we complicate it, make it hard for ourselves.

The best example of this are relationships. When they begin, the honeymoon phase, all is well, love is in the air and all that, but soon that stops being enough, somewhere, somehow in our minds we need to complicate it, so then we feel the need to classify it, quatify it, to call it a name, to categorize and identify, to put it in the right box instead of letting it fly free so it can soar to the skies and grow into something that will be able to endure hardships and go the distance. Many times its self sabotage, as we do it unconciously but knowingly make it unberable for both parties. It is a ‘safe’ way to end it so that there is no blame to share. 

We can’t stand taking blame for anything so any excuse will work, somethin along the lines of: ‘it’s too complicated’.

Its always easier not to face things head on, and the easiest way to do that is by complicating  things so that you never really see what’s in front of you. 

I will call it ‘Mental Burocracy’ 

Most of this is spawned by fear, which in my opinion is the biggest deterent to us living healthy and fulfilling lives, which leads me to addiction…

The desensitization of the young generation.

Technology’s worst effect is the disconnect of people from themselves and from each other. They seem to be  void of emotion as if they don’t really feel anymore.

I say this with a heavy heart… I catch myself talking about the good old days, the way people used to relate to each other, before smartphones, when you had to setup a time and a place to meet without any last minute cancelling messages, you just showed up. You had real, not digital relationships with people you came across, things got real and emotional, unlike most relationships in this facebook era. People are not really involved at all emotionally. All these social sites should connect people more but they do just the opposite.  This ‘desensitization of the young generation’, is a natural cause of the use of technology. How many people make eye contact with you when you’re walking down the street? Most have their eyes on their phones, as if what is there is more important than the world right in front of them. Its so bad that I’ve had to stop people from crossing the street without taking their eyes of their phones as they almost got hit by a incoming veicule. People in relationships breaking up with each other by text message? That really irks me. Its a bit tragic. I can only imagine that the way we are going there won’t  be much human interaction in the future, everything will be digital. I wouldn’t want to live in that kind of world, would you? A worldwhere nobody feels anything anymore, nothing is personal, the human touch is lost amongst the digital identities. 

The way things are going it wouldn’t surprise me if we lost whats left of our humanity, the one thing that makes us unique. You take the emotion out of the equation and we will become robots. We won’t feel anything anymore. Life as we know it will change, and not for the better mind you. Then again I might be wrong and things might have a turn around then again who knows? 

Only the present exists, the now. Let’s focus on it.

Nice guys always finish last…

is it really true?

Well i can say that from my experience, yes and no, it really depends on what we are talking about. If we are talking about picking up girls, most definitely, for random sex or whatever activity of the sort, its usually true, ‘not so nice guys’ have the upper hand every time (that also has a lot to do with ‘girls’ not knowing what they want, looking to experience new things and always choosing the dangerous and exciting) . Now if we are talking about women it varies. We all have a dark side and no one is intrinsically good, there has to be a perfect balance, and that will make the difference.

Speaking of nice guys, what is the real definition of it? its not being good all the time, but being honest and respectful when needed not letting your other head do the thinking. You know what i mean? One shouldn’t let others take advantage of you, and hide behind the ‘i’m a nice guy’ label, that’s just plain stupidity, lack of self love and self destructive, because it will put you in a downward spiral faster than you think.

So whatever you do, don’t be the victim! Don’t let anyone take advantage or manipulate you into doing their bidding.

The rule here is think of yourself first…always, because if you don’t nobody else will.

Love yourself more each day, spend some time with yourself, get to know yourself… i promise it won’t hurt, its not easy, but the rewards are priceless. Its the only way to go.

Trust yourself!

Follow your dreams

Dreams Road Sign

  • I admire people who follow their dreams. I’m on the same path. Its takes great courage and determination. Going against all everyone that tells you you’re not good enough. We are pioneers, adventurers, the non conformers. We do not let other people tell us what to do, we follow our gut and our hearts despite what other people say. The key is self belief and it has to be unwaivering, relentless especially in the low moments. It takes more courage than most of the people on this planet have to actually go for it without a security net. Its is tough work and crocodile skin is useful, resourcefulness and adaptability are very useful. Passion and belief are key.  Self belief, Self love, Self worth, call it what you will. Without it you have nothing.

The idea of life

Life…what is it? 

I mean what is life exactly? Is there a real definition? I guess everyone has their own interpretation. 

I struggle so does everyone, in their own way. That’s the joy of life, the fight, the journey to wherever one ends up. See, many of us are so fixated on the end result we miss the best part, the learning process the road to get where we are going.

In my opinion the reason our souls inhabit these bodies, the ‘why’ we are here is to evolve as a being on this beautiful planet we are quickly destroying. 

Think about what you are doing, on a day to day basis, what do you do for yourself that saves the planet and  makes the world a better place? How many things do you do to the contrary? get the picture? 

We are survivors because we are selfish and resourceful, but we need to be more adaptable and selfless, like a tree in the forest. We need to be part of an ecosystem not come in and ruin it. 

Why are we detroying the ‘lung’ of the world, the amazon rain forrest? And for what? 

We are our own worst enemy.

We alone have the power to change this, as a race we need a deep change within(meditation helps). Letting go and embracing life with both body and mind. 

Caring for ourselves and also for your fellow man, and not squabble over religious or political ideologies, color of skin. We need to embrace the beauty of diversity.

We are one race with many creeds and beliefs…the human race.

Let’s work together.