Complicating what is simple.

It is our favorite game, to complicate what is simple. We come across something simple and straightforward and we will have none of it, so we complicate it, make it hard for ourselves.

The best example of this are relationships. When they begin, the honeymoon phase, all is well, love is in the air and all that, but soon that stops being enough, somewhere, somehow in our minds we need to complicate it, so then we feel the need to classify it, quatify it, to call it a name, to categorize and identify, to put it in the right box instead of letting it fly free so it can soar to the skies and grow into something that will be able to endure hardships and go the distance. Many times its self sabotage, as we do it unconciously but knowingly make it unberable for both parties. It is a ‘safe’ way to end it so that there is no blame to share. 

We can’t stand taking blame for anything so any excuse will work, somethin along the lines of: ‘it’s too complicated’.

Its always easier not to face things head on, and the easiest way to do that is by complicating  things so that you never really see what’s in front of you. 

I will call it ‘Mental Burocracy’ 

Most of this is spawned by fear, which in my opinion is the biggest deterent to us living healthy and fulfilling lives, which leads me to addiction…

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