The idea of life

Life…what is it? 

I mean what is life exactly? Is there a real definition? I guess everyone has their own interpretation. 

I struggle so does everyone, in their own way. That’s the joy of life, the fight, the journey to wherever one ends up. See, many of us are so fixated on the end result we miss the best part, the learning process the road to get where we are going.

In my opinion the reason our souls inhabit these bodies, the ‘why’ we are here is to evolve as a being on this beautiful planet we are quickly destroying. 

Think about what you are doing, on a day to day basis, what do you do for yourself that saves the planet and  makes the world a better place? How many things do you do to the contrary? get the picture? 

We are survivors because we are selfish and resourceful, but we need to be more adaptable and selfless, like a tree in the forest. We need to be part of an ecosystem not come in and ruin it. 

Why are we detroying the ‘lung’ of the world, the amazon rain forrest? And for what? 

We are our own worst enemy.

We alone have the power to change this, as a race we need a deep change within(meditation helps). Letting go and embracing life with both body and mind. 

Caring for ourselves and also for your fellow man, and not squabble over religious or political ideologies, color of skin. We need to embrace the beauty of diversity.

We are one race with many creeds and beliefs…the human race.

Let’s work together.

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