Coming to terms with Who I am.

This is a life long struggle. Everyday I have to improve my self love. Maybe this sounds strange, cause you’re thinking: I love myself, I’m confident, I like the way I look or not, and so on a so forth. But I’m talking about something different, deep within ourselves is where we find Who we are. It’s not what I do for a living, what I own, what I look like, it’s that little voice that only talks to you when your mind is silent. People who conquer that voice are said to be enlightened. Gandhi, Mother Theresa of Calcutta…It’s a league most people think unattainable, but its not. We all have the potential to reach this state of enlightenment, some easier than others, but I tell you it’s the biggest challenge you’ll ever face. Opening your mind is the first step, meditation a very important tool for progress along with disciplining your mind, not allowing it to boss you around with useless thoughts, critiques, constantly judging others,(doing everything in its power to keep the Ego alive) and taking your attention away from where it should be, on yourself. This is not rocket science, I’ll say this ‘If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.’ This is a fact. Most people keep searching for things outside themselves, like a partner, this usually means they’re not comfortable enough in their own skin so they feel lonely, and so jump into bad, sometimes abusive relationships, living through the other person, or trying to change them to the image they have of the perfect person for them. You can only change yourself! You can only help others by example. I can tell you one thing for sure, the right place to find whatever you think is missing in yourself, that will bring you happiness, is inside yourself. No amount of money, people, professional fulfillment can give you that, some of it helps because it can clear your mind somewhat but its never enough. You have to accept your reality be always true to yourself no matter what, and look inside be brave, You will be rewarded. It takes courage, an open mind, discipline and a lot of hard work but it is worth it. Just a good thought to everyone out there who cares to read it.


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